The process of sending documents for eSignature is exactly the same for both Admins and Users in RSign.  Please click here to move over to our User knowledge base page,and learn more about sending documents in RSign.


Administrators in RSign can locate and access signed document send by any user within their organization. The search can be done using the date, the user’s email address, or by the unique RSign envelope code.

  1. Select the Manage tab
  2. At the top of the page, use any information you have regarding the signed document you are looking for to input into the search boxes.
  3. Select “Submit”
  4. All signed documents matching the search information will be shown.


  • How to Share a Template

    How to Share a Template

As an Administrator in RSign, you can create and share templates with all RSign users within your organization, or in your list of current users (see Admin tab). If you are looking for steps on how to create an RSign template, click here.

  1. Select the Templates tab
  2. Locate the desired template, and select “Share”


The Stats tab for an Admin represents statistics for all documents sent for eSignature within the Admin’s company, or current list of users. Not to be confused with the user statistics represented on Home page, which only show the statistics for the individual user.

On the Stats tab, the Admin can view the current number of RSign documents that are currently waiting to be signed by the recipient. how many documents are soon to expire, how many have been completed, and how many were terminated.



As an Administrator in RSign, you will have the ability to enable and disable users from the Admin page. If you do not see an employee listed on this page, please email to ensure that person is added to the list.

  1. After logging in to RSign, select the Admin tab.
  2. Locate the user in question, and to disable the user, deselect the “Is Active” box next to their email address.59
  3. Select “Update” to complete the process.