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Template tab allows you to create new and modify existing templates if you wish to re‐use the same document more than once.

  1. Create Template : You can create new templates by clicking the Create Template button.
  2. Create/Add Role: You should add the roles based on the signers/Cc recipients of that document. Examples of Roles can be:Tenant, Owner, Agent, Manager,Employee etc.
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  3. Attach Files : The contract(s) to be signed should be added from this section. Click the + Document button to add documents from your local machine or any other drives.
  4. Template Options: Click and drag the selected fields onto the desired locations in the document. See the article “Template Options” below for more details on each option.

    Template Options

You can set the options for the Templates which would take effect when you send the document for signature using the template. Set individual options, if required, for the contract to be sent.


  1. Expires in: Set the expiry date for the contract. The signers won’t be able to open and sign the contract after the entered number of days.
  2. Date Format: Set the date format to be printed on the signed contract.
  3. Send reminder in: Set the number of days after which the reminder email will be sent by the system if the contract is not executed.
  4. Then send reminder in: Set the frequency of the reminder email to be sent.
  5. Access code required to sign: Enter a password which will be required by the recipient to sign the document.
  6. Access code required to open signed document: Enter a password which will be required by all parties to open the contract after it is signed.
  7. Name: Enter the name for this template.
  8. Description: Provide the details of the template indicating what it is.
  9. Enable Content Editing: If selected as Yes, it will allow the sender to add/remove controls while preparing the contract on the Send tab.