• Can I access signed documents at a later date?

      Any document sent for eSignatures using RSign can be accessed at any time under the Manage Tab. For more information on this, please see some of our Knowledge Base related to managing signed contracts.

    • If I have questions about the document, who do I contact?

      RSign sends email notifications on behalf of its users, so replying to an email sent to you through RSign will be returned to RPost Support. RSign can be compared to a mail carrier in the way that we deliver the emails, but we have no part in the contents itself. Make sure to contact the original sender of the email, not RSign.

    • Will emails I send in RSign expire?

      Emails sent using RSign will eventually expire, but our customers can select whether or not they want their email to expire in 7, 14, 30, or 90 days. RSign templates can also have a given expiration time based off these increments. The knowledge base article Editing Email Expiration explains how to change this setting.

    • Is RSign supported by all web browsers?

      Yes, RSign is compatible and can be used with any web browser.

    • Can I use RSign with TAM Online?

      RSign can be utilized inside of Applied’s TAM Online environment, along with any other Remote Desktop environments.

    • Can the recipient sign on mobile device?

      Yes, RSign recipients can sign any eContract on any mobile device or tablet.

    • What are RSign templates?

      RSign templates allow users to save eContracts they have previously constructed, so that the same eContract can be sent at a later date. RSign administrators have the ability to share templates with all users within their corporation, allowing users to select from a range of previously created templates. To learn how to create a template, see the knowledge base article How to create a template.

    • What is sequential signing?

      Sequential signing is a setting that is used by RSign customers to have a document electronically signed in a specific order by their email recipients. The document is sent to each recipient once the previous previous recipient has completed the signing process. This order is based upon the placement of the recipients’ addresses in the email’s To field.

    • When I send an agreement for signature to multiple signers, can I track who has signed the document?

      RPost’s RSign service allows senders to track, archive, and manage all the eContracts they send all in one location. Standard RMail plans include the eContracting service, but for contract management RSign is superior to all other eSign services.

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