Insurance Webinar Series: Data Security, Privacy Compliance & Email Best Practices

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Insurance organizations handle more private client information than virtually any other type of organization. Making sure that information is properly protected is not only a good business practice but is legally required. The use of email to deliver sensitive information can be risky without proper protection. In this exclusive insurance professionals’ webinar you will learn the best practices for protecting private information in transit.

This 45 minute webinar will help you understand: 

  • Your organization’s legal obligations to protect information
  • How to verify an email is actually received
  • How to make sure staff and clients are using secured email
  • Importance of ease of use in a compliance program
  • Why email encryption is only a first step in a successful compliance strategy

About Steve Anderson:
With 30+ years experience in the insurance community, Steve Anderson educates insurance agents on how to use technology to increase revenue and reduce expenses. Steve is one of the industry’s top technology consultants and speakers, and has written articles for virtually every industry publication. He’s currently Dean of the School of Technology at IIABA Virtual University and a national faculty member for the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors.

Other Speakers Include:

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