Easy, configurable document
preparation & sending

Quick, Simple, Web-based Process

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Designed for simplicity, RSign’s web-based process lets you quickly and intuitively prepare and send a document to be signed electronically while always maintaining access and control.

Drag-and-drop Document Preparation

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Signature fields, name fields, dates, and other input elements can be placed anywhere on a document using a drag-and-drop process.

Many Sending Options

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Configurable sending options include signing order, single or multi-party signing, message encryption, reminder notifications, templates, and more.


  • Drag-and-drop document preparation

    Preparing a document to be signed is as easy as uploading it, then dragging and dropping required or optional input fields anywhere on the document. Configuring these elements in the preparation step ensures the guided signing process takes the signer to each input field.


    Configurable input fields include:

    1. Signature
    2. Text (Any text input)
    3. Name (Pre-populated is signer is stored)
    4. Title (Pre-populated is signer is stored)
    5. Company (Pre-populated is signer is stored)
    6. Date
    7. Initials
    8. Checkbox
    9. Radio button

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  • Templates

    RSign lets you save and reuse document templates, so you don’t need to prepare the same document twice. Learn more

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  • Password protection

    RSign gives you the option to require signers to enter an access code to begin the signing process. This can useful if you are sending private or sensitive information, such as protected health information (PHI) that must be encrypted for compliance with privacy laws such as HIPAA.

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  • Encryption

    Senders can add encryption for after the document is signed and returned to all parties.

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  • Multi-Party Signatures

    Sender and recipient can simultaneously sign the same document, creating a bilateral, legally binding agreement. The document can then be forwarded to additional parties for countersignature. To add additional Recipients, use the “+ Recipient” button.

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  • Sequential or Parallel Signing

    Depending on your desired work flow, you can opt to have a document signed sequentially or in parallel (i.e. at the same time.)

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  • Reminder Notifications

    RSign allows you to configure an initial reminder and a reoccurring reminder at your chosen time intervals.

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  • Many Document Types Supported

    RSign supports any PDF, Word, Excel, or Powerpoint document of version 2010 or later.

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  • Document Preview

    Preview recipient signer experience and layout prior to sending.

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