Administrative features & settings

Real Time Visibility

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Whether you’re viewing the RSign dashboard or looking at a more granular real time report, it’s easy to stay on top of every transaction you begin. See the status of every transaction, along with timestamps for when each document was signed and completed.

Document Management

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Your completed documents are stored and available for easy retrieval in RSign’s “Manage” area.

Legal Proof®

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RSign gives you Legal Proof® records of every ESIGN and UETA-compliant transaction, including timestamps, signer IP addresses, and a Registered Receipt™ email record providing certified proof of delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content, with an audit trail and message authentication option.


  • Document Management

    Your completed documents are stored and available for easy retrieval in RSign’s “Manage” area.

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  • Tracking

    Gain real-time visibility into the status of every transaction. You can see who has signed, who hasn’t, and see timestamps indicating when a document was completed.

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  • Reporting

    Create reporting views, with options to filter and organize your transactions.

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  • Legal Proof®

    Rated top score (5 out of 5 possible) for “compliance with industry/country regulations and technical standards” in the Forrester Wave™: E-Signatures report by Forrester Research, Inc., RSign’s underlying e-signature technology has set the standard for legally-binding signatures and verifiable transaction proof. Transactions completed with RSign are legally binding, comply with ESIGN and UETA laws, and are 100% verifiable with RSign’s legal proof features.


    RSign includes the following Legal Proof® capabilities and services:
    a. Certified Reports with Digital Seal®
    b. E-Sign Digital Signature
    c. Registered Receipt™ email record
    d. Legal opinions and analyses
    e. Court admissible evidence preparation

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  • Groups & User Roles

    Create and manage users and role-based permissions.

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