RSign Features


Designed for simplicity, RSign’s web-based process lets you quickly and intuitively prepare and send a document to be signed electronically while always maintaining access and control.

  • Drag-and-drop document preparation
  • Templates
  • Password protection & encryption
  • Multi-party signatures
  • Advanced options
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Features & Benefits of Electronic signature
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RSign’s guided signing process leads each signer through the document, one input field at a time. Getting an error-free, completed document back from your signers has never been easier.

  • Web-based, Guided Signing
  • Hand-drawn or Typed Signatures
  • Reminder Notices
  • Document Workflow
  • Document Integrity
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No matter the complexity of your document or form, RSign makes it easy to repeat similar transactions. Configure a document and its associated workflow just once as a template, and you’ll never have to do it again for similar transactions.

  • Create One-Click Reusable Templates
  • Pre-configure Documents
  • Pre-configure Workflow Settings
  • Template Sharing
  • Word/PDF Template Text Tags
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RSign provides administrators and power users the ability to manage, organize, and streamline their RSign experience.

  • Document Management
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Legal Proof
  • Groups & User Roles
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RSign functionality can be brought into your business applications to enable seamless e-sign transactions.

  • APIs to Extend Business Applications
  • APIs for Sending for Signoff
  • APIs for Retrieving Signed Documents
  • APIs for Retrieving Usage Data and Reports
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Using Rsign

RSign is a web-based service that makes it easy to sign documents electronically from almost any web-connected computer or mobile device.
Preparing your document is easy. Simply drag and drop input fields with your mouse on a web-based copy of your uploaded document. If you’ll be reusing the same document, you can create it as a reusable template.
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Getting an agreement signed is as easy. Upload your document, choosing your recipients, drag and drop the fields you need filled and signed and press “Send.” That’s it!
Signers receive an email with a link to view and sign the document. RSign’s guided signing process leads them through the entire document. Upon completion, a signed and authenticated copy of the document is sent to all parties.

Finally, an e-signature service that's powerful yet simple to use.

RSign: E-signatures Made Simple.

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