RMail Inbox


RMail Inbox is a full featured, private webmail alternative, offering users a unique @rmail.com email address to use within a secure, RMail-empowered webmail experience.

Send secure encrypted messages and attachments, track email opening, get documents signed electronically, send large files, and more — all from within a streamlined and easy-to-use webmail interface.


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The following standard service offering is free.

1. RMail Inbox includes the standard functionality that Gmail offers, with free online document, file, and photo storage and sharing, office online (create documents and spreadsheets online), calendar, tasks, contacts, email, anti-virus, anti-spam, and more.

2. In the compose email view, you will notice a “Send Registered” button next to the normal “Send” button.

– You may send as many normal emails with the “Send” button as you would like for normal correspondence.

– For important messages, you can choose the “Send Registered” button for email open tracking, certified and legal proof of delivery, email encryption for message and attachment privacy, e-signatures, and large file transfers. You can use the “Send Registered” button for up to 100 messages per month for free during the initial period.

Free addresses must be between 5 and 30 characters. Your username is your RMail email address.


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how to
  1. To begin, click the “Register” button above.
  2. To use RMail Inbox, log in here. We recommend that you bookmark the login page for convenient access.


Who provides RMail Inbox?


RMail Inbox is offered through a unique technology alliance that combines the best in security, compliance, and productivity tools by RPost, with the world’s leading open source messaging software, by Open-Xchange.


RMail® Registered Email services are the global standard for secure and certified electronic communications, built upon RPost’s technology that has been granted more than 50 patents in 22 countries. Some of the largest companies have been using RMail services in more than 40 countries for the past 10 years. Inbox technologies are built upon and operated by Open-Xchange, one of the world’s most widely adopted messaging software platforms.  Together, these make RMail Inbox™.


Service Notes:

  • “Send” as many normal emails per month as you would like.  Fair use policies apply.
  • “Send Registered” track, prove, encrypt, e-sign, LargeMail monthly free message volume is 100 messages per month during the initial period.
  • LargeMail message size limits are 100MB per message during the initial period.
  • Storage limit for documents, files, and mailbox messages is 100GB, of which 2GB is allocated to email.
  • After the initial period (a) free Largemail message size will remain 100 MB per message, with premium paid package limits set at 1 GB per message; (b) free “Send Registered” monthly message volume will change to 5 Registered Email messages per month, with premium paid packages available, and (c) new premium paid features may also be offered.